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884  300x240 03 Mara Timbo Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya   Phantastic Landscape at world famous Mara Triangle 1024x682 Mara Conservancy THE MAASAI MARA GAME RESERVE

An area of gently rolling hills, woodland and acacia trees which is watered by the Mara and Talek rivers and opens onto the Serengeti plains of Tanzania.

The Masai Mara Conservancy is often called simplyThe Marawhich is the Maa word meaningMottled” – a reference to the patchy landscape. Both spellingsMasaiandMaasaiare acceptable although the latter is more usual when referring to the people. The Masai Mara is a Game Reserve/National Reserve , although an inner area is treated as a National Park.

Reserves are normally managed by local authorities and allow lodges, camp sites and the settling of some tribes people with their cattle. National Parks are normally managed centrally and do not allow any human inhabitation other than for Park Rangers and people on safari.

Other Kenya reserves include the Arawale, Bisanadi, Boni, Buffalo and Samburu Springs,Dodori, Kakamega Forest, Kerio Valley (Kamnarok),Marine reserves at the Coast, Kora, Lake Bogoria, Losai, Mwea, Nasolot, North Kitui, Rahole,Shaba, Shimba Hills, South Kitui, South Turkana, Tana River Primate.

Kenya National parks include the Aberdares (with Treetops and The Ark), Amboseli, Central Island (in Lake Turkana), Hell’s Gate, Kisite-Mpunguti Marine, Lake Nakuru, Malindi (and Watamu) Marine, Marsabit, Meru, Mount Elgon, Mount Kenya, Nairobi, Ol Doinyo Sabuk, Ruma, Saiwa Swamp, Sibiloi, South Island (in Lake Turkana), Tsavo East, Tsavo West, Wasini Marine.

There are also Sanctuaries at Crescent Island and Maralal. However the Masai Mara remains one of the best places to see wildlife in Kenya.

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