Wedding in Masai Mara

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The Wildlife witnesses as you take the vows

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 Wedding in Masai Mara Only the best is good enough for YOUR wedding celebration.

A beautiful wedding in Africa will provide memories for a lifetime. Providing the perfect setting for adventure and romance you certainly won’t regret a wedding like this. What a spectacular moment when the wildlife also witness as you take the vows and join in the celebration.

Mara Timbo Camp is known for its beauty and its cozy location in world’s–renown Masai Mara making Mara Timbo Camp a perfect best place to celebrate your wedding and your honeymoon.

Our camp is located directly at Mara River with only seven very luxurious tents, with an outdoor bathtub, a swing, a low bed area and private dining facilities. All your needs will be taken care of by one of our discrete personal butlers, who is dedicated only to you during your entire stay in the camp.