On Safari with the whole family

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Safaris are perfect even for small children

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880  300x240 Mara Timbo Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya   Kids have fun in the bathtub of tents terrace 1024x683 Family Adventure At Mara Timbo Camp children are very much welcome! The whole camp is dedicated to the director’s young son, Tim, who made the camp called “Mara TIMbo”. We don´t have a minimum age. It is just that we would like you as parents make sure, that your kids are able to sit quietly in an open vehicle, to behave when sharing a small camp with other adults and certainly not wander off on their own.

A Safari has everything for an unforgettable one and only family experience: Adventure at its best, wildlife up to the horizon, untamed nature and an exciting Masai and their culture. Plus once a year the Wildebeest Migrationas a kind of world wonder, when around 2 million animals come for grazing to Kenya’s Masai Mara.

But lets start from the beginning:


By car: Driving by car to Mara Timbo Camp is not a problem. The whole ride is another Safari in itself. It´s a 5.5 hours drive from Nairobi (we will provide a map and a road quiz for the kids to play), what kids will enjoy very much, because the Safari will start after latest 2 hours after you will have left the tarmac road crossing a conservancy called Koyaki Group Ranch, which has a lot of animals already. If you don´t want to pay park fees already, you please stay on the public road and enjoy the animals from there without cruising. Otherwise the rangers will find and charge you.

By plane:To arrive at Masai Mara even with very small kids by plane is not a big deal. The airlines flying to Masai Mara are taking trolleys for just some little extra money.


In Masai Mara Safaris are done at very, very slow speed, around 5-10km/h. So kids in the car are very much safe and can look outside perfectly – either through the windows of the land cruisers or by standing on the seats (get your shoes off guys!) looking out of the roof.

Our Family tent

Mara Timbo Camp has a special family tent with an extra room for children, so that even parents will have their own room with the most privacy during the whole stay. This family tent is the same standard as all the other luxury tents, it just bigger and has this additional room with a separate entrance to the bathroom and a separate exit for the kids. The kids room can either take 2 single beds, 1 single and a double-decker bed or even 2 double deckers, means max. 4 kids plus the parents in the main room with a king size bed.


Nobody at Mara Timbo Camp will be unattended without one of our Ascaris next to you. That is for kids as well as for adults, because Mara Timbo Camp is NOT fenced in. But don´t worry, the camp is located in a loop of Mara River where the water serves on three sides as a natural fence, and the other side we close with our Ascaris patrolling the camp 24/7. Pathways are illuminated, clearly marked and the grass is cut pretty well, so that everybody can see, where he is stepping next.

Balloon Safari

Even on a balloon Safari children older than 6 are welcome … it just depends a bit on the height of the children so that they can look over the rim of the balloon.

For those parents who would like to go on a balloon Safari or even a normal Safari without their kids, Mara Timbo Camp offers a babysitter service for just some small money.