Visit a Masai Village

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Acquaint yourself with the Masai Culture

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875  300x240 06 Mara Timbo Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya   Visit a Masai Village 1024x682 Visit a Masai Village You cannot go on Safari in Kenya´s Masai Mara without curiously having an urge to visit and experience the way of life for the most cultural tribe in Kenya. The Masai are one of the ethnic groups in Kenya who have preserved their culture amidst westernization. The villages of Masai are enroute from your Safari.

Or driver guides will take you to the Manyatta and with the assistance of a local Masai chief, you take the informative tour around the “Manyatta”, with an experience and variance in the way of life for western people, building fires without matches and other exciting innovative experiences.

You can book a visit at a Manyatta already with your reservations or even with the guests relations manager at the camp.