Nature Walk through the savannah

즐 즐 즐

The walk brings you even closer to animals

즐 즐 즐

 Nature Walk Explore together with our Masai guides the neighborhood of Mara Timbo Camp on a two hour nature walk. During this nature walk you will have the chance to meet Zebras, Antelopes or Giraffes very closely. A very wonderful moment during your Safari in Kenya.

You will climb wonderful Oloololo-Escarpment a bit, where even parts to the movie Out of Africa” were shot. From top of the hill you will have a wonderful view over the endless savannah of Masai Mara.

The Masai guides will teach you to identify Elephant- and Hippo trails as well as different plants and tell about their importance for Masai people. At the end of the excursion your Masai guides will show you how to use bow and arrow.

Throughout the whole nature walk you will be accompanied by a guide and two Masai watchmen, who are responsible for your safety.