Exciting Balloon Safari

즐 즐 즐

Get an aerial view of the Masai Mara

즐 즐 즐

 Balloon Safari Balloon Safaris are the most breathtaking experience during your Safari in Kenya, not only for the time of Great Migration in Masai Mara. The aerial view is spectacular, tranquil and magical. You leave Mara Timbo Camp early before sunset and will be taken to the starting point.

As soon as the sun goes up the balloon will start and you will fly only a couple of meters above the herds of elephants, wildebeest and zebras.

After the exciting landing experience (!) an hour later a Champaign-breakfast is served in midst of the national park. Balloon Safaris can be organized by Mara Timbo Camp with one of the balloon companies in the neighborhood of the camp.

Even on a balloon Safari children older than 6 are welcome. It just depends a bit on the height of the children so that they can look over the rim of the balloon.

For those parents who would like to go on a balloon Safari or even a normal Safari without their kids, Mara Timbo Camp offers a babysitter service just at a small fee.