Self-drive Package to the Camp

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Direction by road from Nairobi

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 To Come by Road GPS Data Mara Timbo Camp (WGS 84) – S 110 979 E 3903 921

Maps are to be found and downloaded here.

Leave Nairobi using Waiyaki Way, or Limuru road, heading to Naivasha,

branch off Waiyaki way at Limuru Road; Waiyaki Way Junction and turn left towards rift valley but don’t go to Naivasha.

In Mai Maiu turn left to Narok. Go straight through Narok towards Sotik. 31.9km past Narok leave the tarmac road and turn left (look for a wooden sign written “Mara Timbo Camp” towards Ngorengore.

Follow this muram road and our signs boards through Lemek and Mararianta. Cross Mara River. 800m after the Mara River bridge, turn right (find stones and signs) and follow the road for the last 7 km up to Mara Timbo.

On your way to Mara Timbo Camp the road leads through 2 conservancy’s (Mara North and Olesuikut). Nobody has the legal right to charge you any conservancy fees as long as you don´t leave the main public roads, whatever rangers might tell you.

If there are going to be problems please call our colleagues in the camp immediately and they will assist you:

Gideon Kimai: 0735/186963 or 0771/961979 (Guests Relations)

Stephen Thumbi: 0773/066370 (Manager)


In case of children

Driving by car to Mara Timbo Camp is not a problem. It´s a 5.5 hours drive from Nairobi (find maps here and our entertaining road quiz for the children), what kids will enjoy very much, because the Safari will start latest 2 hours after you will have left the tarmac road crossing a conservancy called Koyaki Group Ranch, which has a lot of animals already. If you don´t want to pay park fees already, you please stay on the public road and enjoy the animals from there without cruising.