Mara Timbo Camp – The Location

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You can find us in Masai Mara near Mara Triangle

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mara timbo camp

Mara Timbo Camp is ideally situated in the most untamed environment below the Ololoolo escarpment directly in a loop of Mara River with a panoramic view of two breeding herds of hippos and basking crocodiles.

Lat (-1.5294931) longitude (35.1708741)

The camp is set up on 50 acres plot and easily accessible by road in 5.5 hours from Nairobi. The flight from Nairobi Wilson airport takes only 60 minutes, from Mombasa at the Indian Ocean only 2 hours. The drive from Kichwa Tembo airstrip to the camp is already your first Safari with various spotting of elephants, antelopes, probably “big cats” and birdlife.

Experienced driver guides will take you on Safari and explain to you everything about wildlife, Masai and Masai culture in the area. Our friendly staff will pamper you for any kind of information and our Masai watchmen, who have been living in this environment since they were born, look for your security and keep animals within permitted proximity.