Compassion to the orphans

즐 즐 즐

Orphaned Elephants up for adoption

즐 즐 즐

 Tim And Tano Tim Wilken, 11 years old son of the directors (camps history) and name giver of Mara Timbo Camp, thought it would be good idea to have “his own elephant”!

He did some research on the internet and found “his elephant” at “David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust,” a foundation in Nairobi that takes care of orphan animals in a wildlife conservation quest. Tim visited the orphanage and very quickly found “his” desired elephant who needed his help, a little lady called Tano. Tim adopted the elephant and now supports in providing her food through donations and this ensures that she is being taken care of by the elephants care takers.

Tano was born in 2009 and found alone without her mother in Laikipedia area by Stephano Cheli, a well-known tour operator in Kenya.

The baby elephant was taken by plane to Nairobi’s orphanage and now lives here and enjoys to be accompanied by other little elephants, and of course by Tim.

Maybe to adopt a little elephant is something you might consider as wellina a bid to boos wildlife conservation. It can be even done online. Here are some very cute pics and the background of the David Sheldricks Wildlife Trust orphanage: