I have a tree in Africa

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Plant a tree to help become Kenya even more even

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855  300x240 k k I have a tree in Africa 1 I Have A Tree In Africa Kenya is beautiful, Masai Mara garden Eden: adventure Safaris in the kingdom of the animals, green vegetation. What more can a tourist want? Forests!

Forests are most important natural resources of the earth. Nevertheless deforestation continues in Kenya day by day. Of Kenya’s national territory forested area is 1.7 per cent, approximately three quarters of the country consists of desert, half desert and savannah. According to bio diversity convention, at least 10 per cent of a country should be covered with forest.

Clearing forests means a changed regional climate no wonder precipitation becomes less and less predictable in Kenya. The country experiences more extreme droughts, deserts expanding vastly.

Mara Timbo Camp contributes to the reforestation of the Masai Mara. Join our project “I have a tree in Africa!”

For only 500 Kenya Shillings, guests can plant a tree on our camp property, which Mara Timbo Camp employees will take care of after your departure.

The money for your tree goes into a Masai aid project in direct neighbourhood to our Camp. We will support kindergartens with toys and schools with needed equipment.

“I have a tree in Africa! “ – 500 Shillings for the future of Masai Mara