Mara Timbo Camp Team

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Meet the crew that works behind the scenes

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863  300x240 02 Mara Timbo Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya   Manager Stephen Thumbi with butlers 1024x681 Our Team Ela & Klaus Wilken are managing directors of Mara Timbo Camp. Third member of Wilken-Gang is their beloved son Tim. Mara Timbo Camp was named after him. So Mara Timbo Camp in Kenya’s Masai Mara is owner- and family run. “This allows us to keep the whole project very much personalized, towards our guests and even towards tour operators in terms of offers, rates and personal approach” Michaela Wilken says.

The family came to Kenya in January 2007. They booked a 4 week Safari plus 2 weeks at the Indian Ocean. Because they fell in love with Kenya they decided not to go back to Germany but to build a Safari Camp in Masai Mara.

Klaus Wilken remembers “The most difficult question was ´how should our camp look like`? So my wife and me sat down, did a lot of brainstorming, draw many sketches. And at the end we manufactured everything ourselves until Mara Timbo Camp was ´born´.”

Earlier on the Wilken´s had been working worldwide in TV industry for German TV stations for more than 15 years as executive TV producers. “My husband and I had been staying in hundreds of hotels worldwide. So we tried to remember what we had seen and liked, decided to take just to take the best of these hotels which fits into natural environment”, Michaela Wilken laughs. The result is what Mara Timbo Camp looks like, as guests say: beautiful guest tents, tasty food, very much private service offered by extraordinary friendly staff, real adventure on Safaris in Kenya and knowledge about the Masai tribe and the Masai Mara.

“It’s a daily challenge to keep our service at this high level, often its stressful. Because the camps location is in the middle of the bush it needs a perfect, detailed organization and teamwork.” Michaela as the one responsible for camps operations explains. “We were able to achieve this upscale standard in short period because we were lucky having found fantastic Kenyans as employees for our camp who were ready to be formed to a real team.” The guest book at Mara Timbo Camp is full of compliments. They proof, that this service by the camps team is performed throughout going. “We as directors of Mara Timbo Camp are really proud of having found these extraordinary colleagues,” Michaela Wilken admits.