The Construction of the Camp

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The adventure of putting up a Safari Camp

 Constructing Mara Timbo Camp The construction of the Safari camp in Kenya’s Masai Mara was already an adventure on its own. “It’s not like just going to a hardware supermarket next door to buy timber, screws and cement. We had to run for every single item like hell!” Klaus remembers. “Michaela and I designed everything on our own and then had to find somebody to produce it for us because it was impossible to find shops in Kenya that had enough furniture in their showrooms. There simply were not enough ready made duvet covers and curtains.” So all the interior of the luxury tents, all beds, sideboards, tables, desks, curtains and even the duvet covers and pillowcases were made in a workshop in the garden of their house in Nairobi. For three months 35 carpenters and 4 tailors were manufacturing all the items.

Because of postelection violence the Wilken´s had to postpone the opening of the camp for a year, because there were no clients travelling to Kenya before 2009.

“But as soon the political situation was sorted out and Kenya was back to normal we had many guest from all over the world“, Michaela says proudly, “and the feedback to Mara Timbo Camp is overwhelming. Guests love our spacious luxury tents with the outdoor bathtubs, the upmarket service and the exquisite cuisine, plus dining with hippo view directly at Mara River.”